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Let's Get Fiscal! Feb '14

Bbal 2460
mbal 2010
cdiff 450
pdiff 500

I'm probably going to be pouring over a bunch of stuff to double check this because I should have had more of a gain than that. I used 100 at BoA last month and only regained 50. The buffer is getting disappointing, but my tax return will be coming in and just sitting for a while.

Start 2010
Car 210
insurance 70
ira 80
at&t cell 70
Life/disability insurance 40
U-verse 60
Sallie Mae 220
Left 1260

Before I get on to BoA, I have to note that January was a two pay period month. I won't have all 1260 of that to shoost at the card (though it will be a higher number due to the Target credit card theft and it forcing me to replace my debit card).

BoA: Went up by a whole lot but most of this was expected due to the debit problems and having to buy tires. I can send 600 this way right now, but not much more because it'll be the 13th before I get paid again.
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