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Let's Get Fiscal! June '15

Mbal 990
Bbal 2730
Cdiff 1740
Pdiff 500

ACEN Payday put the buffer way up. I even paid for almost 700 worth of important stuff off of that. A big chunk of that money is going towards BoA this month though.

My car is paid off, so that's off the monthly expenses. Looks like this now:

Start 990
insurance 60
ira 90
at&t cell 70
Life/disability insurance 60
Sallie Mae 220
Netflix 10
Left 480

My IRA contribution went up as well. The actual payment is just below 90, so it goes in as 90. But I'm still looking at $510 going out for monthlies instead of $710 per month.

BoA: I'm going to send 740 from buffer and 260 from available for a nice 1000 shot.

My car being paid off enables another 200 a month free to go after stuff. I'd really like to be able to start tossing that in the general direction of BoA to get that down to a non-insane level. As much as the quick one shots of a grand help, there's nothing like being able to pay bigger chunks at once.

Also, I specifically held more money in the buffer than I probably should have because I want to get my car's brakes looked at soon. They're getting close to being worn down and that needs to be addressed.

Perhaps I should still off some level of wizard poker equipment. I've got some modern staples that I could probably off for a few hundred extra dollars. And the xbone doesn't get used at all, it could probably be offed. I'm also going to need to look into a new computer sooner than later. This old thing from 2006 is starting to really wear down.

I also may need to skip a hockey season, depending on cash.
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